Shant Boodaghians

I am a current (2016— ) graduate student in the CS Theory group at UIUC, working in AGT with Prof. Ruta Mehta. I was previously at McGill, where I did my masters with Prof. Adrian Vetta.

You can reach me at [] or find me in SC.3217

Here is a list of the other students in our Theory group.


‘19, [6]  
“Online Revenue Maximization for Server Pricing”
Submitted, author names withheld
‘19, [5]  
“Performance Metric Elicitation from Pairwise Classifier Comparisons,”
AISTATS ‘19, (with G. Hiranandani, R. Mehta, S. Koyejo)
‘18, [4]  
“Revealed Preference Dimension via Matrix Sign Rank,”
WINE '18
‘18, [3]  
“Tight Bounds on the Relative Performances of Pricing Mechanisms in Storable Good Markets,”
SAGT '18, (with G. Berbeglia and A. Vetta)
‘15, [2]  
“Testing Consumer Rationality using Oriented Discs,”
WINE ‘15, (with Adrian Vetta)
‘15, [1]  
“The Combinatorial World (of Auctions) According to GARP,”
SAGT ‘15, (with Adrian Vetta)


2018, Jul.
“Smoothed Efficient Algorithms and Reductions for Network Coordination Games,”
preprint, (with R. Kulkarni and R. Mehta), invited workshop talk FOCS '18
2016, Apr.
“Two Measures of the Degree of Consumer Rationality via Graph Properties,” Masters Thesis


Ph.D. in Algorithms and Theory from UIUC with Prof. Ruta Mehta
M.Sc. in Math from McGill University with Prof. Adrian Vetta
B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from McGill University

Teaching Assistantships

2019, Spring
CS 374: Intr. to Algorithms & Models of Computation
2018, Fall
CS 598RM: Algorithmic Game Theory
2018, Spring
CS 498: Advanced Algorithms
2017, Fall
CS 374: Intr. to Algorithms & Models of Computation
2015, Fall
MATH 240: Discrete Structures 1
Undergraduate Assistant at the McGill Math Helpdesk